One Form w/Subforms or Multiple linked Forms


Monet 138

Is it better/easier to setup a single Form with subforms that open and close
when needed or to create a few separate forms that can be open/closed via

Example: A combo box limited to list to prevent misspelling of area names
with a NotInList event for adding new Area names to the Area table.

I currently have that setup using separate forms, where the NewArea form
simply contains a single text field control along with Enter and Cancel
buttons. Should I avoid using this method in favor of setting up a subform
with my main Form?

Thanks in advance for the help.


I'm not sure how our example of a combo box Not
In List event relates to whether or not you should
use forms/subforms or linked forms. You can add a
new value to a combo box without using an additional
form at all. Now, if there is additional information that
needs to be added to the table along with the combo box
value, then you woulfd typically use a pop up form so
the user could add this additional info as well.

But again, I don't see how that relates to your question
about forms/subforms or linked forms. Maybe I'm
missing something.

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