One for the Master Minds out there


Neil M

This is something that I have never had to do before so I dont even know
where to start.

My spreadsheet calculates linear feet of reinfircing steel based on criteria
that I enter. I have the formulas working thatnks to the great help of others

Now I have a series of linear feet that I have to add to one total. However
if the length of reinforcing steel is greater than 20 feet you have to splice
it which adds about 4 feet to the bar lenght, but it is for EVERY 20 feet
incrment. So here is what I need.

If A1<20 then formula a
If A1>20 then formula+4 (But for every 20 foot increment)

Is this possible?



T. Valko

Try this:


Or, if you only want to calculate "full" 20 ft lengths:




Gary''s Student

If you total length is in A1, then the number of twenty foot sections is:
or the length with the splices is:

for if A1 contained 234 then the formula gives: 278 because 11 splices are

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