One Crystal Report - many databases



Our company have one 2.0 web application using c# as code behind and
one C++ windows application. Both applications are using Crystal Reports (v
10) as report engine.

The web app. just started using crystal report and can access and show the
report but for now EACH report has to be hardcoded to one customers database.
We would like to use same reports in the web app as the win app use which
dynamically connect to the database with a ODBC connection.

We have solved the problem in the win app using different startup-scripts
for every user. The script changes the win. registry for the ODBC the report
use. So in the report all we have to do is to set the connection to the
database with this ODBC connection.

The question is how do we do something similiar in our web application? As I
understand we cannot use a ODBC on the web server.

We cannot have the reports like this since this would require us to modify
1300 * 50 reports for the web and just 1300 reports for the win app so please
help us!

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