one combo box depedent on another



Hi all, I am trying to make the rowsource of the Services_Covered combo box
dependent on the Catagory_for_hours combo box and I am wondering if I di
this correctly. The bosses want the rowsource to be exact, hope I'm doing
this right

Private Sub Catagory_for_hours_AfterUpdate()

Select Case Me!Catagory_for_hours
Case "ITP"
Me!Services_Covered.RowSource = "Academic Assessment;MER Completion -
TANF;Career Training Plan;Counseling;Phone Call"
Case "Parenting"
Me!Services_Covered.RowSource = "EHS Training/Home
Visit;Training/Office Visit;Independent Study"
Case "Job Skills Training"
Me!Services_Covered.RowSource = "Independent Job Skills Training;Career
Training Workshop;Resume Writing"
Case "Culture"
Me!Services_Covered.RowSource = "SCAIR Soaring Eagles;Regalia;Pow Wow
Case "Education"
Me!Services_Covered.RowSource = "GED/High School Diploma
Preparation;Adult Basic Education;Independent Study"
Case "Life Skills"
Me!Services_Covered.RowSource = "Drivers Education"
Case "Travel"

End Select

End Sub

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