On exit from edit, Excel jumps to remote undesired cell.



If you press F2 to edit a cell, then Enter to exit, Excel 2002 should
of course remain on that cell but does not.

It utterly destroys user focus and immediately jumps you to a remote
undesired cell. It is utterly enraging. You cannot get your work done.

By definition, user focus means a SINGLE location (unless of course
you have, say, highlighted several cells).

This bug seems to occur (only?) when you arrive at the cell you are
about to edit via a SEARCH. Should your initial arrival be by mouse or
keyboard navigation (or if after arriving via search you then, say,
press Up then Down), the bug is defeated.

In any event, the cell Excel jumps to seems to be the location you
were at prior to the search.

PLEASE tell me that either newer versions have fixed this bug, or
there's a way to defeat it.

Thanks much!






Charles Williams

I have not managed to duplicate the problem using FIND on Excel 2002. Excel
jumps to the next cell below when I press enter.

What setting do you have for Move Selection after Enter
(Tools-->Options-->Edit) ?

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