Omit last blank row



Earlier this year, Dennis wrote "To remove the last row, change the form
property Allow Additions from Yes to No". It worked for User "an", but not
for several others. Now I have the same problem. What could be missing?

Here's the dump of my properties:
AllowAdditions: False AllowDatasheetView: False
AllowDeletions: False AllowDesignChanges: False
AllowEditing: True AllowEdits: True
AllowFilters: True AllowFormView: True
AllowPivotChartView: False AllowPivotTableView: False
AllowUpdating: No AutoCenter: False
AutoResize: False BorderStyle: Dialog
Caption: #Suchmaske Antragsdaten f CloseButton: True
Eingabe Storno
Container: Forms ControlBox: True
Count: 70 CurrentView: 0
Cycle: All Records DataEntry: False
DatasheetBackColor: 16777215 DatasheetBorderLineStyle: 1
DatasheetCellsEffect: Flat DatasheetColumnHeaderUn 1
DatasheetFontHeight: 10 DatasheetFontItalic: False
DatasheetFontName: Arial DatasheetFontUnderline: False
DatasheetFontWeight: Normal DatasheetForeColor: 0
DatasheetGridlinesBehavior: Both DatasheetGridlinesColor: 12632256
DateCreated: 07.12.2005 16:15:24 DefaultEditing: 4
DefaultView: Continuous Forms DividingLines: True
FastLaserPrinting: True FetchDefaults: True
Filter: (Stand=Pervor()) FilterOn: False
FrozenColumns: 1 GridX: 10
GridY: 10 HasModule: True
HelpContextId: 0 HorizontalDatasheetGridline 1
Hwnd: 7800612 InsideHeight: 12615
InsideWidth: 7035 KeyPreview: False
LastUpdated: 07.12.2005 16:15:24 LayoutForPrint: False
LogicalPageWidth: 9340 MaxButton: True
MinButton: True MinMaxButtons: Both Enabled
Modal: False Moveable: True
NavigationButtons: False OnClose: [Event Procedure]
OnLoad: [Event Procedure] OrderByOn: False
Orientation: Left-to-Right Owner: admin
Painting: True PaletteSource: (Default)
Picture: (none) PictureAlignment: Center
PictureSizeMode: Clip PictureTiling: False
PictureType: 0 PopUp: False
PrtDevMode: Long binary data PrtDevNames: Long binary data
PrtMip: Long binary data RecordLocks: No Locks
RecordSelectors: False RecordsetType: Dynaset
RecordSource: Abrechnung Antragsdaten RowHeight: Default
ScrollBars: Neither ShortcutMenu: True
ShowGrid: True SubdatasheetExpanded: False
SubdatasheetHeight: 0 TimerInterval: 0
UserName: admin VerticalDatasheetGridlineSty 1
ViewsAllowed: Form Visible: False
WhatsThisButton: False Width: 6803
WindowHeight: 13440 WindowLeft: 3075
WindowTop: 510 WindowWidth: 7470


forgot to add: I'm using Access 2003, but the DB is in 2000 format.

Also, the thread from earlier this year had the same subject line.

Wayne Morgan

It depends on what is causing the "last blank row". In a form in Continuous
Form View, this is usually the place holder for a new record. It allows you
to simply click into this row to move to the new record. Setting
AllowAdditions to False/No will remove this place holder. Since you have
multiple users, does each user have their own copy of the front-end file
with the forms, reports, etc? If so, did you make this change for each user?