OL2K will not start



I am running WinXP Home edition with Outlook 2000. I have five user
accounts set up with XP. All five accounts have access to Outlook with
separate email accounts thru a single ISP. 4 of the 5 users can start
OL without problem and send and receive email.

The 5th account will not start and gets the following error:

"Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are
sorry for the inconvenience.

"Please tell Microsoft about it.
Send Report Don't Send"

Any help?




JR K Yoshikawa

Check PST file size, if that is greater than 1.8GB,
create new Profile(PST File) and import from problem one.
and then compact it.

or start Outlook in safe mode (not windows safe mode)
Start > Run... > type Outlook.exe /safe
thenk click OK
If you can start outlook in safe mode,
check Macro and Add-ins.


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