OL Conn 2003: Can't open other calendar


Bill Bailey

I am using the Outlook 2003 Connector in a Domino 6
environment. I can only open another user's Notes
calendar in Outlook IF that user has explicitly given me
access to "manage" their calendar in their Notes
Delegation Profile. If the user has not given me this
access, when I open their calendar using the "Open a
Shared Calendar" item in the Outlook 2003 Calendar form, I
receive only a blank calendar, even if the user has
checked the "Everyone can read my Calendar" checkbox in
their Notes Delegation Profile. However, I have NO
trouble viewing this user's calendar in the Notes 6
Client. Shouldn't Outlook be able to show this calendar
as well?

Balaji Hariharan [MSFT]

Since we locally cache other user's calendar items also, sometime it could
take a little time before the downloads are complete. The status bar should
tell you about it. Incase this takes more time than expected, try using the
Tools > Send/Receive > Synchronize Domino Mailbox command. We do *not*
recommend you to hit this command every once in a while, as the background
syncrhonization process would update things automatically. But I am just
stating this to make sure that the complete sync gets it or not?
Let me know the results

//Balaji Hariharan

Bill Bailey

Thanks for the reply, Balaji.

Again, Outlook 2003 WILL open the calendars of other Notes
users whose delegation profile has been set to make me an
editor of their calendar. But when I try to open a
calendar of another user whose delegation profile is set
to ONLY allow everyone to READ their calendar, the
calendars do not open.

Right after I read your post, I tried again.
The "Send/Receive Status" indicator immediately appeared
and there was a prolonged period of network activity - at
least an hour - while the "Status" indicator showed x%
complete. However, the "Send/Recieve Status" eventually
went to "Complete" but no data ever appeared in the
calendar window created by Outlook 2003 for that user. So
there appears to be a bug in the Connector that will not
allow me to view other user's calendars unless their
delegation profile is set to allow me to EDIT their

Can you check this and let me know if you have the same

Thanks again for all of your help.


Okay, I got the calendars to appear after giving Outlook
time to synchronize. But when I try to schedule a
meeting, it doesn't show me the free/busy availability
for the participants. It just says "no information
available" with the green backslashes.

Thanks for the improvements to the new Notes connector,
guys! This makes Notes so much more bearable.


Bill Bailey


How long did it take for Outlook to synchronize the other
calendars? Also, do you know if the users whose calendars
you opened had their delegation profiles set to allow you
to just "Everyone can read" or "Everyone can manage"
or "Only xxxx can manage"? I still can't get other users
calendars to open.

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