OL 2010 search contact not working correctly



In OL 2007 in the "Search Contact" field I could type in the first few
characters of a distribution list, press enter and I would be presented with
a list of all contacts that started with the characters I typed. In OL 2010
when I type in characters the list I receive does NOT contain all of the
contacts (distribution list) that start with the characters I entered.

I open my distribution list and noticed that in 2010 it is labeled "Contact
Group" and when I open the Contacts folder (e.g. all of my contacts) in a new
window and scroll down I don't see the group I created that I've been
searching for.

If I enter the "Contact Group" full name (example GK 2010-0520-0520 XZY
Class) the "Contact Group" is opened. If I click File > Info I see that it is
stored in the "ContactsT folder.

Why dont' I see it when I open the Contacts folder and scroll down to where
it should be?

Why does not a search find it when I enter a few characters that appearn the
tne name of the group?

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