OL 2002



Have multiple outlook today folders with identical data
sub folders and contents all Identical.

How can I clean up this situation??

All help appreciated.





Christian Goeller

keeferone, you wrote on Fri, 10 Mar 2006 18:19:09 GMT:
Lost contacts in address book.
See if your contact folder is configured as E-Mail-Adressbook

Rightclick on your contact folder | Properties | Outlook-Adressbook

If this option is still enabled or greyed out go to

Tool | E-Mail-Accounts | Existing adressbooks

and delete the outlook-adressbook and readd it. If the
outlook-adressbook does not appear in this dialog (in this case the
option above to use the contact folder as adress-book is greyed out)
simply add the outlook-adressbook.

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