Offline Addressbook


Ylva Kotraba

We're having issues that the local cache of Outlook2003
updates too slow, and if we make several changes to our
GAL, it may be two days before the local offline address
book is updated, and in the meantime we get delivery
failures when sending messages.
I know we can alter the interval on the server to update
the Offline Address book, but is there a way to set the
interval for the local offline addressbook?
Any information is appreciated!

greg mansius [MSFT]


Please try the following steps:

1. On the Tools menu point to Send/Receive.
2. Point to Send/Receive Settings and then click Define Send/Receive
3. In the Send/Receive Groups dialog box click New.
4. In the Send/Receive Group Name dialog box enter any name for the
custom group.
5. In the Send/Receive Settings - <group name> dialog box select your
Exchange account and then enable the Include the selected account in this
group check box.
6. Under Select the options you want for the selected account group
make sure the only check box enabled is the one for Download offline address
book. Click OK.
7. In the Send/Receive Groups dialog box select your new group.
8. Under Setting for group "<group name>" enable only the Schedule an
automatic send/receive every check box and specify the number of minutes.
9. Under When Outlook is offline clear all check boxes.
10. Click Close.
With the custom send/receive group, Outlook will request an OAB download
from the server based on the number of minutes specified for the
send/receive setting.

If this creates server performance problems there's nothing you can do
except increase the time between client downloads or disable the custom
send/receive group.

Hope this helps.

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