Official NASA Futuristic Space MMO


Sep 30, 2005
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NASA might be cutting back on real space flights but they still have their eye on the stars. :lol:

Official NASA MMO, Astronaut: Moon, Mars & Beyond may come to Linux. The project which has garnered huge response from people all over the world has already crossed its kickstarter funding goal of $25,000 34 days ahead of final deadline.

The game developers site.

About Astronaut: Moon, Mars & Beyond

A team of 20 developers at Project Whitecard Inc. have won a contest held for the best idea for an official massively multi-player online game depicting the future, and signed a "Space Act Agreement" with NASA. The game developers team have full support from NASA Learning Technologies.

The game, in words of the developers:

Our game is the most challenging concept for developers ever created by NASA. We are building a 3d avatar community around a fictional depiction of the year 2035. In the game, players will be whisked away, Harry-Potter-style to the Arthur C. Clarke Astronaut Academy Station™, a sort of "Hogwarts" in space.

Players will literally hold this world in their hands on the iPhone, PC and select consoles (currently planned); will have access to a complete and technical "Astronaut Handbook" at the virtual Academy library, and revolutionarily, players will be able to visit and live through future, fanciful NASA missions in accurate, virtual depictions of the Space Academy, Mars, the asteroid belt, and solar system.

The official game site.

Information about the Moonbase Alpha playable demo available on Steam.

Moonbase Alpha Mini-FAQ

  • Moonbase Alpha is not an Alpha! Or a Beta!
  • Moonbase Alpha is free!
  • The game is only available on Steam.
  • The game is only in English.
  • The game is only for Windows.
  • There is only the one mission.
  • There are no modding tools.
  • The game is a proof of concept for the NASA MMO and other games that are in development that will have a lot more options and be multi-platform.



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