Office 2007 Pivot Table Display format - Show row headings in each


Geoff B

Is it possible to show the row headings against each line of data in a pivot

Currently shows
Row Label 1
Row Label 2

What I would like to see is
Row Label 1 Row Label 2 Value
Row Label 1 Row Label 2 Value
Row Label 1 Row Label 2 Value

I am trying to avoid a lot of cust and paste work when I transpose this data
to another file from the pivot table. I know this output format can be
obtained from Sort & Subtotal on the raw data but I was hoping if possible to
get this from the pivot table. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thankyou
for your time. Geoff




Hallo Geoff,

The direct answer to your question is no. You cannot change the empty cells
in the label columns.

Possible workaround: Copy the pivot table as values and fill the empty
spaces with a simple formula:

1. Click the pivottable
2. Under PivotTable-Tools select Options tab
3. Click Select and select PivotTable
4. Copy the pivottable to the clipboard
5. In your new map right click - paste special - values and number formats
6. Select all cells from the top Label 1 to the last empty cell in the
first label column
7. Home tab-Edit group-select Goto-Empty Cells
8. Write formula "=E5" (assuming your top label is in E5, adjust as required)
9. Ctrl+Enter

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