OEM Premium upgrade to Ultimate



I want to upgrade the pre installed Home Premium to Ultimate, with the
help from a Anytime upgrade DVD.

I have run Windows Update, installed updates. Premium is running fine
and no problems listed in the device manager.

I have downloaded the Upgrade Advisor from the Microsoft website and run
it on the vista premium. It checks for updates, and then continue
allowing me to initiate the system checkup. I reports that i can run
Vista! But with some minor problems:
- System: Multiple monitors , advice to change the video card or use XP
- devices: nVIDEA GeForce 9600M GT and Mobile Intel 4, advice buy an new
one or visit manufacturer website

Running the Upgrade Advisor on my new notebook Amilo 3650 running Vista,
this advise doesn't help! I assumed the Advisor is not recognizing the
hardware because it is to new.

So i started the ultimate upgrade from withing Vista. In the last stage,
after 90 minutes installing, rebooting, the setup displays a warning
message and then rolled back to vista premium.

Now it just guessing what the problem is. The display drivers, the
chipset, or completely something else.
Is there a way to find out what the problem is?


I have uninstalled the virus scanner and then tried again.
I disconnect the computer from the Internet and choose not to looking
for updates and not for activating vista during the setup.
I finally have Ultimate running. The display(s) is working fine and i
did not have to un/reinstall the driver.

The setup is not the Ultimate inexperiences as i expected from a product
with this price. The option to run the Upgrade Adviser confuses more
than helping. A simple detection when the virus scanner active and a
warning / advise to disable it before to continue the setup is missing.


Lippe schreef:

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