Odd error doing things under the admin account


Harry Hudini

If i log on via TS on to our TS server (running in App mode) as the
administrator, and try to remove a program, or make a change somewhere, i
get an error saying that i need to be an admin on that server in order to do
the task. If i log locally on using the same account on the same server, i
can remove programs, change permissions etc.

Anyone know why this might be? I have checked the member of list for the
admin account and nothing has changed



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Matthew Harris [MVP]

I don't know if this is related, but I've found certain
DCOM components and Windows Installed components to not
function correctly in a terminal services session. I wind
up having to install some software through the console
(which is preferred method anyway).


Harry Hudini

Thats what im havig to do, but its started happening to things that work
perfectly before, like installing messenger etc

Matthew Harris [MVP]

Has anything changed on the system lately that might cause
something like this to occur?


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