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I have set up a linked table (an ODBC to an oracle database) and when first
accessing the table am prompted for the username and password to access it.
This is fine and i can use the database and access the oracle tables with no
problem. That is unless i leave the database open for any period of time.
then when i try to access a linked table, i have to re-put in the password
about 3 times before the query or report that is accessing the oracle
database opens, and it generally takes about 1 minute longer than if i was to
close the database, re-open it, type in the username and password again once.
is there anyway i can keep the link with initial username and password open
for the entire time the database is open without having to re-enter it?

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Only if the server allows you to ping the data sources. Your server
apparently has a connection time-out that is enforced. Discuss the problem
with your IT department and see if they can't remove or change the time-out
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
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