OCZ Vertex 450 Solid State Drive (256GB)


Mar 25, 2003
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Hardware Heaven have reviewed the OCZ Vertex 450 Solid State Drive (256GB) - here's a snippet:

"OCZ were one of the early SSD Pioneers, bringing devices to consumers which helped drive the solid state storage market forward in the early days. Since then they have created a number of drives which have been class leading at launch with the Vector series being their most recent high end device.

Before Vector was OCZ's high end model it was Vertex that led the way, starting in 2009 with the original model and most recently we saw the release of Vertex 4 (although it was followed by a Vertex 3 refresh too). Throughout the Vertex evolution OCZ used controllers which were best suited for their target markets and this saw the use of Marvel, Sandforce and Indilinx parts (before Indilinx became part of OCZ).

Now OCZ are bringing to market a new Vertex drive using more than a little tech from their Vector series of enthusiast SSDs. Today the Vertex 450 launches and we have the 256GB model in our test system to see where it fits into the current market."

You can continue reading here.


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