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Norman Zhang

I'm using PPT 2007, is there a way to color an object with 2 different
colors? E.g., I want to have black and white within a heart object.

Gradient fill doesn't work as it give transition color.





Is this a heart object you drew using the AutoShapes?
Maybe you could draw the heart, give it one color fill. Then copy the heart,
give it another color fill. Now copy the second heart, paste it back in with
paste special choose enhanced metafile. Now select the pasted heart, trim it
using the contextual format tab, look for the size group, there is a trim
tool there. Place the trimmed object on top of the first object, group if



Echo S

In PPT 2007, you can select the heart shape you drew and choose Drawing
Tools Format | Edit Shape | Convert to Freeform. Once it's a freeform, you
can go to Edit Shape | Edit Points (or right-click to get there).
Right-click a point to remove it.

Not sure this is any easier than what Luc's suggesting, but it's another

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