Obfuscation question



If a company is putting together an SDK where all of their soon-to-be
shipping assemblies have been signed and obfuscated, will those
assemblies be usless without specifying the items (Namespaces,
types, ...etc) to preserve during the obfuscation process?

I've obfuscated an assembly (UserControl) using Dotfuscator CE 4.1,
created a test client app, and added the assembly reference. After
compiling the test client, it complained about not being able to find
the namespace or any class type used in the UserControl.

any suggestions?




I am not an expert on this but I am pretty sure there is a setting on the
Dotfuscator application where you can specify not to obfuscate namespaces
and public members. You have to tell Dotfucator not to rename that otherwise
all your properties, methods etc will be renamed to something meaningless
(which is the whole purpose of obfuscating the code).

If you don't specify not to rename that then other assembly referencing the
obfuscated assembly would not work. Every time you obfuscate an assembly the
renaming can be totally different.

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