O2K7 B2 - Personal Folders as Default Delivery Location (0x8004010



When attempting to use Outlook 2007 (either with a brand new data file or
with an existing data file) with a Personal Folders file set as the default
delivery location, the following error occurs every time Send/Receive is sent.

"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Receiving' reported error (0x80040102) :
'The requested operation cannot be performed on this account'

At this point, all queued mail in the outbox will be sent -- but no new mail
will be downloaded to the Personal Folders. A workaround is to set the
default delivery location to Mailbox instead of Personal Folders, but this is
a relatively crummy workaround.

Is anyone at Microsoft aware of this and working on a fix? As I mentioned
above, this occurs whether the data file was imported from a previous version
or even if the data file is created by O2K7 B2. While the workaround keeps
me running, it's a poor workaround as it creates much more work for the
computer's rule-set in order for all incoming mail to still be delivered to
the Personal Folders.


Dear Sue,

Thanks! Sorry I missed that in my first perusal of the known issues.
Didn't mean to make you answer something that was already answered. Thanks

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