Nvidia GT200 GPU fp performance @ 1 to 1.33 TFLOP



192xGT200 + 1068xBloomfield: 295 TFlops Supercomputer
Wednesday 23rd April 2008, 02:00:00 PM, written by Arun

French website PC INpact broke the news of an upcoming GPU-accelerated
supercomputer, ordered by France's CEA for delivery in early 2009 from
Bull. The cluster's performance confirms that GT200 will be rated at
1TFlop and that Nehalem/Bloomfield will clock up to at least 3GHz.

PC INpact claims that the overall machine will sport peak performance
of 295 TFlops, with 103 TFlops coming from the CPU and 192TFlops
coming from the GPUs. Le Monde further confirms the performance target
and indicates delivery will take place in early 2009. This would make
it one of the world's first (if not the first) large-scale GPU-
accelerated supercomputer.

Sadly, PC INpact got the specifics wrong. There won't be a 8-core
Nehalem in that timeframe, and neither could there be a 2TFlops single-
chip GPU, especially given the qualification times in this market.
Just like Conroe, Nehalem/Bloomfield will sport a 128-bit ADD and a
128-bit MUL per core; at 3GHz, that means 24 GFlops per core. Multiply
that by the four cores per chip, then by 1068, and you get to

As for the GPUs, obviously the 1U Tesla module sports 4 GPUs, not 2.
So assuming this supercomputer is indeed based on GT200 and the per-
module config is similar, that gives us 1TFlop per chip/board.[/b]
Alternatively, if the TDP was substantially higher than G80's (which
seems unlikely given the level of binning possible in that market), it
might be possible that the module only sports 3 GPUs; that would
result in 1.33 TFlops per GPU. Once again, that is not the most likely

So, that gets us right back to where we were back in... May 2007, with
Michael Hara's claim in an investor conference that their next-
generation would be 'close to 1 TFlop'. Of course, we were all
assuming that was referring to G92, and that obviously didn't turn out
to be the case. We also assumed G92 would be the first chip supporting
FP64; now, it has become clear however that's GT200 - which is also
what makes the chip more attractive in such supercomputer deals.

In practice, this doesn't represent a lot of revenue for NVIDIA; it's
very likely less than one million dollars for a company which is
consistently delivering sales of more than one billion dollars per
quarter lately. However, it does highlight Tesla's momentum in the
GPGPU market. How soon, if ever, will that represent a substantial
part of NVIDIA's profits? Nobody knows.


(almost a year ago.....)

NVIDIA confirms Next-Gen close to 1TFlop in 4Q07
Wednesday 23rd May 2007, 12:12:00 PM, written by Arun

In recent analyst conferences that were publicly webcast on NVIDIA's
website, Michael Hara (VP of Investor Relations) has claimed that
their next-generation chip, also known as G92 in the rumour mill, will
deliver close to one teraflop of performance. In a separate answer to
an analyst's question, he also noted that they have no intention from
diverging from the cycle they have adopted with the G80, which is to
have the high-end part ready at the end of the year and release the
lower-end derivatives in the spring.

Assuming that NVIDIA manages to hit these aggressive release
schedules, it implies that the chip will compete with any potential
R6xx refresh at the beginning of its lifetime, but also eventually
with R700 as it seems unlikely NVIDIA will refresh again before the
second half of 2008, unless they go for an optical shrink from 65nm to
55nm. It also remains to be seen how aggressive ATI will be on the
process front this time around.

There also were a number of other highlights during the conference,
including a major emphasis on GPGPU (aka 'GPU Computing') and a short
mention of Intel's upcoming GPU efforts through their Larrabee
project. Micahel Hara seemed far from certain about Intel's exact
strategy there, although he did mention that it was possible Intel was
more interested in the GPGPU market than the gaming one. This is
something we have already said in the past.




Trimble Bracegirdle

Well yes that's a bit impressive..BUT I bet it won't run GOTHIC 3 jerk free.
(")_(") mouse



John Lewis

Well yes that's a bit impressive..BUT I bet it won't run GOTHIC 3 jerk free.

By the last two words in the above sentence, no doubt you mean 'Gothic
3 without our friend "johns' attached'......

John Lewis

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