NUnit problems building example




I'm a newbie so sorry if there is a simple answer to this! I'm using C#
in Visual Studio Express at the moment.

I've downloaded NUnit v 2.2.8 and can load and run the tests they
supply (e.g. nunit.util.tests.dll) so the install of NUnit seems OK.

I've compiled one of the sample projects (csharp-sample_VS2005). When I
do so I get the following warning after a build:

Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent

Note: I get this error even after removing and re-adding the reference
to nunit.framework.dll as described in the readme.txt file. The build
does succeed though.

When I try and load the csharp-sample.dll into the NUnit GUI program I
get the following error dialog:

System.BadImageFormatException: The format of the file 'csharp-sample'
is invalid.

You may be attempting to load an assembly built with a later version of
the CLR than the version under which NUnit is currently running,

Does this mean that NUnit cannot be used with VS 2005? I've searched
the newsgroups and it seems to be used by people with VS 2005.

For info, the test project references 4 files:

nunit.framework (v1.1.4322)
System (v1.0.3705)
System.Data (v1.0.3705)
System.XML (v1.0.3705)

Any help would be appreciated!





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