Numbers with Accounting Format


Sandy Burgess

I have an excel file that I need to import into Access. I prefer to import
it as a text file so I can eliminate numerous columns of data that I do not
need using a Specification. The problem is a Sales column that is formatted
as Accounting in Excel. This Sales column wants to import the Sales data as
Text instead of Double. If I change the spec to use double, the negative
numbers end up on an error table and do not import. Is there any way to fix
this without having the user reformat the Sales data in excel?

Albert D. Kallal

If you using an import spec, have you tried setting it to currency?
(a bit of a long shot, but try the above).

If not, you might have to send the data to a temp table with the data column
as text, and THEN append the data into the real production table during
which time you can convert the text column to currency data type column.

(note that currency only allows up to 4 decimal places, but is an
appropriate column type for fields that involved dollar amounts as you not
suffer rounding errors).

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