Numbers stored as text



Is there an efficient vba module to convdert any numbers stored as text in a

This is a problem with many accounting systems that extract data to a "Excel

Using vllokups ad such creates problems when one file is in stored as text
and the other is stored as a number.


Gary Keramidas

without knowing the layout, it's pretty hard to come up with some code.

what i have done is copy a blank cell, pastespecial over the number stored
as text and select add and then ok.

but if there is some consistent layout, just post back.


Unfortunately no layout. Thye are nornally mixed with text entryies. An
example are part numbers.

I some are numeric and some are alphabetical Excel stores as Text.
Unfortunately Excel looks at some as text and sosme as numbers.

This is not a new problem with excel. It has been a problem for many ages.

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