Numbering of captions in Word 2003



I'm preparing an important manual for the Navy. I have a few tables in
Chapter 2. The first couple, numbered automatically by Word, have captions
Table 2-1 and Table 2-2. The third one, though, insists on being called Table
2-4. Now, I'm not using Track Changes and I've followed all the rules in
setting up captions. I've even used F9 on my 3rd table and even 'Update
Fields'. It's as if some 'ghost table' numbered 2-3 is lurking somewhere in
my 2nd chapter but I can't find it! Please help me to number my captions
properly. Thank you.

Stefan Blom

Click Alt+F9 to show field codes. Press Ctrl+F to display the Find and
Replace dialog box. In the "Find what" dialog, type:

^d SEQ Table

Use the Find Next button repeatedly and see if the "ghost" shows up.

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