Numbering inconsistency



I'm using field codes (IncludeText) to insert chapters into my document. In
each chapter document the title is formatted with Heading 1 and numbering (1,
2, 3).

There's no problem when I simply use IncludeText to insert the chapters into
the main document - when I update the fields, the numbering of the chapters
is sequential and looks fine.

However, when I put Includetext inside an IF field, the numbering
disappears. The rest of the chapter appears properly but the numbering that
should appear next to Heading 1 is not there. Any suggestions would be very
much appreciated.

My field appears like so:
{IF value="content" {IncludeText "document.doc"}}

Thanks for any help.

Stefan Blom

I can reproduce the behavior. The only workaround I can think of is add a
blank paragraph at the beginning of each included document.

If you apply a style with 1 pt font size, no spacing before or after, and 1
pt of line spacing to the blank paragraph, it will be practically invisible
in the target document.


Stefan, thank you for the suggestion, I will try the workaround that you
suggested. I appreciate your taking the time to help.


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