numbering a report



I have read a few different postings on this.. and the others and I may be
going about our data base wrong. I have a table calle bill of ladding. it
has fields.. shippeddate, laddingnumber, tons, rate, shippedfrom, shippedto,
billedto and a key field. then i have a select queary that ask for beginnign
billing period then ending billing period and queary's only the bills for
that period along with calculating a totla amount (rate * tons) this query
is used in a report that groups by 1 billed to then each billed to groups by
shipped to and i get a total amount due for each billed to customer. I print
this invoice but do not save it in a file. where would I store a unique
invoice number for each of these reports that I print so each month a new
number will appear for each billing cust starting with the next available



Duane Hookom

I don't think this is a report question. If you want to create an invoice
number, do so prior to running any report with code or an update query or
whatever. Then use the invoice number to filter your report.


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