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Alex Harrington


We have 2 Windows 2000 PDCs which used to replicate fine.

Recently we noticed that we were getting Event ID 13508 messages informing
us that mcmail2 is having trouble replicating to mcmail and visa versa.

We've worked through the suggested fix list - system times are syncronised,
names resolve OK both ways.

When we try to force a replication between the machines, we get the message
"The following error occured during the attempt to synchronoize the domain
controlers: Access is denied".

We therefore think that there must be something wrong with the machine
account for the second PDC on the first PDC, however we can't rejoin it to
the domain since it is a PDC and we can't remove it from the domain or
demote it since we get a similar error message.

Any ideas how we can get these two talking again?

If it makes any difference, one is also an Exchange 2000 server.



Jim Singh

"access is denied" errrors usuallly occur when the secure channel between
DC have been lost. This usually happens if either of the DCs have been
offline for prolonged period of time. Try to establish a secure channel by
using "netdom resetpwd /server: /userd: /passwordD:* "cmd. after you do
this try starting and stopping netlogon serverice on both DC.
Run netdiag on both to see if the DNS records registered correctly and the
secure channel has been established.


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