NTDS Log files are not deleting



My problem is that the log files in the NTDS folder are not deleting and now
that folder is around 6GB which not normal. I have log files that are from
3 months ago.

I have looked everywhere but I don't know if it is safe to delete the log
files or not and
I desperately need the hard space.

I have event id 0 NTDS ISAM. NTDS (300) Unexpected Win32 error: 0x20 in the
Directory Services Event Viewer.

This error started the same time the log files started building up.

Chriss3 [MVP]

Are you haveing this behaivor on one or more Domain Controllers? are
replication working between Domain Controllers if more than one?

Christoffer Andersson
Microsoft MVP - Directory Services

No email replies please - reply in the newsgroup


Oh and yes replication is working fine.

I have run repmon and everything appears to be fine.

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