NT Domain Browsing on an ML370 running Windows 2000 Svr SP3/4



I have 2 Compaq ML370s running Windows 2K Svr SP3/4 and
out of 230 servers (Dell/Compaq) these 2 wont browse in
my server list.
one is a file/print (SP4) the other a SQL 2K Svr (SP3)
residing on different subnets/domains. Many other servers
(NT4/2K) exist and browse OK on the same subnets.

I have used browstat to force an election with no joy.
Removed WINS entries and refresh/reloaded.
Rebuilt WINS DB.
Checked the Reg to ensure they're not hidden, even added
the entry and set it to false, also fiddled with browser
settings in terms of master browsing and maintaining
server lists.
Neither have insight cards or are teamed in any way on
the NICs.
I've dropped the servers to a workgroup and removed the
computer account entries before readding.
Checked there is no entries on other domains with the
same name.
Made sure TCP/IP is the only protocol.
Changed the IP addresses.
Changed the NICs.
Is there anything glaring I've missed? Please help.

Marina Roos

Are all servers fully patched? They should be at SP4 and have the ms03-039
patch installed. Can you post the ipconfig/all?

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