Not Logging Onto Domain!!!??


Mike Hurst

Hi all, I have a wierd problem...

We have all Windows XP clients, and a Windows 2000 Domain Controller on our
network. We also have 2 other servers running Windows Server 2003 for file &
terminal services.

About 10 or so machines on my network can not logon to the domain. They are
logged on with Cached credentials, and no drives are being mapped (from a
logon script we use) nor is the Home Folder being applied. (Which is set up
for each user in AD).

Now when I login with my user/pass, all scripts run correctly, and drives
mapped accordingly.

As soon as i log off, and the user loggs back in, No scripts are run, and no
drives mapped....

Can anyone give me a suggestion? All DNS Servers are running good, Ive
checked everything I could, right now, after they logon I have to manually
map all the drives on there systems, so I know the permissions on the shares
are correct.

Plz Help thanks!

Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


I would take a look at an 'ipconfig /all' from each of the 10 systems that
can not log on and then compare the results with an 'ipconfig /all' from one
of the systems where you can log on. I would make sure that these systems
do indeed have an IP Address lease and that all of the included information
is complete and accurate.

Assuming that this is indeed the case ( meaning, that the 10 that cannot log
on but do indeed have all the correct IP stuff ) is there anything in common
with those 10 systems. If you are trying to log on with user01 onto pc01
and user02 onto pc02 and so on and these 10 systems are the 10 that 'don't
work' what happens if you try to log on with user23 ( who can log on with
another machine )? What happens if you try to log on to pc23 with user02?

Is there any error message that might be popping up? Have you checked the
logs on the 10 errant systems? How about on the Domain Controller? Can
these 10 users log onto the Terminal Server?

Have you tried to remove one of the systems from the domain by joining it to
a workgroup and then joining it back to the domain?





I am also facing the same problem. Even can't login with Administrator
login to Domain. Then I log locally and join the pc to domain. Then it
works fine but next morning again same problem occurs and computer
account gets disabled in Active Directory Computer and Domains.

If someone have the solution for the same please tell me.


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