size growing for our users



We have a domain enviornment that our users have roaming profiles. We have
each users saved to their own personal drive on our network. We
are using Office 2003 Professional in a Windows XP enviornment. The users
use word quite often and after the user closes out of word it saves to their These's grow in size pretty quickly and has become a
crazy task to constantly clean up the's. We have 4-5 custom
macros that I believe may be the cause.

I have read the article
that seems like a good solution to move the macros to a different template,
however one of our macros that we use lets a user to be able to hotkey and
save to a specific user network location via a UNC path. Each save area is
different for each user.

Does anyone have an idea on how i can make a seperate globaltemplate but
still be able to file save to individual unc path's?

Or does anyone have any other idea's on how I can keep the from
growing or at least limiting its size?





Graham Mayor

If the users are constantly making changes and additions to then
of course they will grow. It would be better if you set tools > options >
save > prompt to save, then at least the users would have the
choice of whether to save or not.

It may be possible, depending on how the network folder allocations are set
up, to automatically save to the correct location for a given user with the
same macro, but we would need a little more information about paths and how
they relate to the users. I would recommend that you post this information,
with example code to the Word vba forum.
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