none to Password Authentication (NTLM)


Hakan Güzen

We have 500 clients with outlook - 2000 / xp / 2003 , i was refresh my
exchange installation .

I have a problem about password authentication , clients outlook set it to
"None " for authentication , when the clients run outlook , user name and
password shown , I want to change password authentication method "None" to
Password Authentication(NTLM) or another ..

Is it possible to automated solutions for 500 clients . via script or via

Thanks in Advance

Hakan Guzen

Hakan Güzen

I'm able to change NTLM Authentication via Group policy on office 2003 but
on office2000 or 2002 , there is no parameter on the Group Policy of NTLM

In Group Policy Office xp or 2000 adm file The section above Security there
is no paramete about "Authentication with Exchange server"

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