No Sound



Help! because Dell can not. I have been experiencing no sound for the last
couple of weeks. I have tried everything form Dell but there has been no

I was using Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card in my system. That's what the
unit came with. After trouble shooting everything possible, Dell suggested
that I reinstall my operating system. So I backed up my system. Called Dell
back to perform the reinstallation and the tech said that my sound card is
bad. So I purchased a new sound card from Cambridge. Everything went well
with installing the hardware since Windows recognized new hardware and I
loaded the new drivers, I still have now sound. I keep receiving a message
that says “There are no supported audio devices available†When I look in the
Device Manager everything looks good, there are no errors. However when you
look in the Control Panel under Sound and Audio Devices, the Volume Tab
show’s that there are No Audio Devices.

Could someone help me?


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