No Sound, Newly Installed Motherboard



Hi everyone, was not sure where else to post this. I have built a few
computers but this one that I have just built is having problems with sound.
The motherboard is a K7 Motherboard M848A - PC Chips. I have the setup cd
and installed default sound drivers which didn't work also installed Realtex
AC'97 sound drivers and still no joy also some other sound drivers from the
cd but still nothing. I have the audio cable connected properly from my
onboard sound jack on the motherboard to my line in jack on my monitor.

Not sure what else I can do so thought I would post my problem to see if
anyone can help. Thanks very much. Lee


Why is the monitor connected to the "line in jack" to the sound card...Line in
is only used to record from a remote audio source (stereo,or tv
only line in,should be the speaker jack,and that gets plugged into "line
out" from
the mb audio.You should also, the speaker by the clock,select,audio
controll,use the slider to adjust volume.You might also,go to run,type:DXDIAG
Run the Direct X utility-sounds tab.


Thanks for your reply, I've had it plugged in both line in and line out with
no success, a ran dxdiag sound test, ive got all volume sliders on max but
still cant get no sound. I don't know what else I can do, unless there is a
problem with the line in on the motherboard??

Cary Shultz


Here is just a thought: do the speakers that currently do not work work
anywhere else? Have you tried known-good speakers? Or, as I think might be
the case, are the speakers built in to the monitor?

Normally, you plug the jack/cable that comes from one of the speakers into
the green slot on the sound card - regardless if it is an integrated sound
card ( aka, built on to the motherboard ) or an 'add-on' card.


Hi Cary,

Thank you for your reply and yes the speakers I am trying to use do work and
they are built into my tft monitor. I have plugged the monitor into my laptop
and everything is in working order.

The cable is plugged into the 'line in' on my monitor and plugged into the
green port on my laptop and the sound come out of the speakers on my monitor.

However when I transfer back to my PC this does not happen. I have tried
installing the sound drivers from my cd that I got with the motherboard. I
have checked all volume levels, I have done sound tests etc... I contacted
the company I bought the motherboard off and all I have had back is to
confirm I installed the drivers from the cd. I have confirmed this and I am
waiting for a reply. I think it is a fault on the motherboard.

Many Thanks for your help Cary,

Kindest Regards, Lee

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