No Outlook Contact display option in address book lookup



I have a user who has presented a puzzling issue. She creates a new e-mail
and begins to type the name of someone in her contacts list the auto complete
does not work. She then clicks on the To: button to look up a name of a
contact. The lookup dialog box appears and by default displays the contents
of our Global Address Book. She then click on the pull down to the right of
Show Names From and Outlook Contacts is not an available option for her to
choose from, only the Global Address Book displays.

She can open her Contacts list from the main program window and see the
contents of her personal contacts list. She can open the records up, edit and
save records, add new contacts, etc. without any problem. But the Outlook
Contacts list does not appear in the lookup options for available address

I have run a detect & repair, Reran setup & selected the repair option,
uninstalled & reinstalled Outlook, uninstalled & reinstalled Office, applied
Service Packs 1, 2 & 3 for Office 2003, with no effect. I am a network
administrator with approx. 85 users and this is only happening on one

Eric Kirchberg
Network Administrator
Kreis, Enderle, Callander & Hudgins PC
Battle Creek, Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo, MI

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Why didn't you just enable her Contacts Folder as an email address book so
it would appear in the address book view? All that other stuff is a lot of
work that won't help.

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