No more Hotmail new message alerts



I pretty only used Windows Messenger to tell me when I had received a message
in my hotmail account and who it was from. I have recently upgraded to SP2
and Messenger 4.7 and these alerts no longer appear. I also used to be able
to click the inbox link and it would take me to my inbox on the hotmail
website and this too is gone. Now when I click on my email inbox in 4.7 it
opens up Outlook which I don't want it to. Any idea how to change the email
inbox back to Hotmail and how to receive the new message alerts again?

Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings EJ,

In Windows Messenger in SP2, the Hotmail functionality was removed. You'll need to either
install the previous version of Windows Messenger (see below) or install MSN Messenger

To downgrade back to Windows Messenger 4.7.2009:
and use the Add-In here:
Jonathan Kay
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