No Colour



Drawing an autoshape or using wordart, i have no colour showing on the
screen. the laptop has Office 2003 with SPK3 installed, it has two user
accounts Adminstrator which is fine and student account, this is where the
problem layes. No colour shows in the print preview. checked printer settings
and both in admin and student are the same

Any ideas in basic terms would be great



garfield-n-odie [MVP]

In Word 2003, click on Tools | Options | Print tab | check the
"Background colors and images" box | OK.

In Windows XP, click on Start | Control Panel | Accessibility
Options | Display tab | uncheck the "Use high contrast" box | OK.

In Windows Vista, there should be an option to turn off high
contrast somewhere in Start | Control Panel | Ease of Access
Center. You can also toggle high contrast on or off by pressing

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