No caps lock beep in Windows XP



The accessibility options don't work as they should. The
settings will not stay checked in some instances. In
some the boxes stay checked but the options don't show.
The two that I am concerned about are beep for caps lock
and large print. I have tried using the wizard and also
setting things up manually. Neither way works. I tried
reformatting the hard drive as a last resort, and even
that didn't help. The computer is new, but the Gateway
techs were no help whatsoever.



Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

Unfortunately, you have an OEM disk, one supplied by your system builder.
This is Gateway's issue. There may be something in their setup, something
that is not a part of XP that is causing the issue. We would have no way of
knowing this or dealing with it.

The only thing I can offer, if you reformatted, did you try setting this
feature before installing anything else or does the CD supplied by Gateway,
reinstall everything including any apps, drivers, etc. If yes, there's
likely something in their setup that is conflicting and causing this issue.
Again, if that's the case, you need to take it up with Gateway.

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