no built-in harddrive in Playstation3




SCEI Kutaragi president interview (part 2)

"Full function Linux is installed in HDD of PS 3. "

- Age of network drive

?Q? Local HDD is not recorded by default though PLAYSTATION 3 is a spec only
in that. Why is it?

? Kutaragi ? HDD is not put in default. Because it is insufficient no matter
how it puts it. The following are already correct and network drives.
(Storage :. )In the Cell server, it is possible to access it from anywhere
via the network.
drive..see.Such the world.

There is saying if HDD doesn't attach to the main body even if it says.
Therefore, 2.5 inches HDD are put this time, and 80GB or 120GB enters.
However because it is necessary to make OS the first with the unit though it
is not worth at all. When the attestation of the computer is taken from
...terabite (..drinking.. storage).. here (server on the network) in the
network drive with and I , unit, the drive where do the first of OS is

- OS is put because it is considered as a computer.

?Q? Is OS to use it as a computer made the first?

? Kutaragi ?Nintendo in saying and the same industry for a long time when we
are computers asserts the desire that I am amusing to be a toy toward
outside. Therefore, the public office seems that it is a toy though here
makes the importing and exporting management at the super computer level

Even PlayStation 2 is machine.. though moves a terrible chip like
Emotion Engine to Linux making it. It was thought that it improved a little
because Microsoft had come from the IT industry. However, because they do
not want also to destroy their businesses, curettage is not said. Xbox is
called a game machine because it dares to be thought that it embarrasses it
when Windows moves by Xbox. It is unbearably troublesome.

This time, it makes it to the location that we (PS3 Smile are super
computers. However, OS is made the first because of there is a person who
doesn't see as a computer if not applying as a computer. Multi OS moves at
the same time in Cell. Therefore, OS is moved as it is, and there is HDD
because it is a yes computer.

Therefore, .. and it is extra to think that it is likely to put it of Linux
because of the beginning (To HDD). It will apply as computer

?Q? Linux comes out as OS moved on Cell.

? Kutaragi ? Linux becomes the first chance in the legacy, too. Because OS
is an application program for Cell, it is ..(.. ..laughter... )The kernel
becomes a style that it moves with Cell (Haiparbaiza layer of Cell OS), and
two or more OS is recorded on that (On a virtual machine) as an application
program. Linux is . ..recording naturally... If Linux is recorded, any
Lindows is recorded.
Other..OS..vender..put..think..put.By chance, different OS might come out.

- The ecosystem is turned with PLAYSTATION 3.

?Q? The person who writes the program on that comes out if there is OS. The
ecosystem (ecosystem) should turn on Cell so that Cell may succeed as a
computer. It is necessary to establish the ecosystem that a lot of people
spontaneously write the program of Cell, and it presses the spread of Cell

? Kutaragi ?Does not the ecosystem turn when PLAYSTATION 3 goes out like
being so before and Apple Computer is opened?Adobe came out even if Apple
did not do everything, it came out what, it took, , ecosystem turned, and it
rose when becoming Macintosh. PC was also originally so. Nevertheless
(Microsoft : to Windows), because everyone absorbs it, ... Oh dear, it is
not understood though it might be aesthetics (result of expansion) what OS

We had made it up to now, and the library was offered, and had been made
in-house by the game software manufacturer. However, it might already be
impossible. The width or more is necessary no matter what it does. However,
I think that it becomes it so. For instance, synchronous software with
iTunes came out from the surprise of us by PSP by the swift attack. Various
one that moves on that comes out when it seems to be interesting.

?Q? When software that makes the best use of the advantage of Cell other
than the game come to come out one after another, too.

? Kutaragi ? It comes what kind of software for you to write on of what. For
instance, software that edits the HD image is basically the same as the edit
system of non-linear done in the broadcasting station. It is software at the
level that try to do on PS3. It is more terrible though the edit system of
non-linear is terrible when bringing it on that Cell. The difference comes
into view to the wind of cutting it by the span though it manages to do also
on PC if it is on PS3. Various applications on PC the other. For instance,
photo retouch. I think that the software comes out fast (On PS3), too.

User interface (UI) will become interesting, too. It is made to wait from UI
of XP to the following Longhorn for years how many when it is PC. However,
here develops faster. For instance, it enters "Minority Report" state if it
is an interface (Application can be operated)(movie) operated in the gesture
and the word like Itori (EyeToy). Naturally, such evolution is reflected in
the game.

?Q? Is the Cell computer at that time PLAYSTATION 3 form factor?

? Kutaragi ? This shape will spread most previously. It is possible to
connect also with the keyboard, and all necessary mouths (interface) are
attached. Media and the network are good at how much. The general-purpose
one is an opening the so much.

For instance, because it is possible to use it for all Linux to open when
putting it (The programmer Smile, it is possible to do very. There is Shader
about the graphics and it is the same (Provide with the programmability).

- The ecosystem approval is a base of development.

For Sony computer entertainment (SCEI) to aim with PLAYSTATION 3 as reported
in the last interview article is to establish PS3 as a real entertainment
computer. It is included to make not only the game but also a more
variegated application run in that.

However, SCE should start up "Ecosystem" for that with the Cell software. In
a word, software doesn't increase then if the ecosystem cannot be tidied so
that the business may consist if software for Cell is written. A positive
spiral "Software more than ? that the business comes to consist of the ?Cell
software that the number of those who use ?Cell that software increases
naturally increases appears in Cell" begins to turn when the ecosystem can
be done once.

Only this was a source of the success of PC and Macintosh as pointed out by
Kutaragi. Therefore, PS3 aims at the same as for SCE. It seems to examine
putting Linux OS of full by default in HDD this time for that. In a word,
there is OS of a full function unlike the situation to date this time when
PS3+HDD is bought, and it is presumed to come to be able to use it as a
computer. Because software is expected increasing ..SCE.. ..troublesome
...all.... spontaneously if it does so
Going out without fail when the executive of, Intel, and Microsoft
criticizes Cell is a story of this ecosystem. For instance, the executive of
Intel was talking about Cell so at Intel Developer Forum(IDF) of February
this year. .."Sony should construct the ecosystem that supports this
architecture" Justin Rattner (Jastin Ratonar).. (Intel Senior
Fellow,Director,Corporate Technology Group). ..Craig R. Barrett of "Sony
should bring the market a quite new software system" and "In a sense, it is
more difficult to obtain OS and the application than to make the processor"
(Craig and R and Barret).. (Intel,Chairman of the Board).

To understand from the word of this Kutaragi is to understand this point as
for the SCE side. In a word, the necessity for spreading OS is recognized as
a soil where software arises. And, it tries to take a concrete means for
that. Of course, the development environment that various elements are
necessary, and matched to the structure and the programming model that Cell
is special especially in addition is important for the programming. It seems
no expensive system of the NDA base it for the game development, and
important an easier environment.

It is software that SCE expects in the Cell application that made the best
use of a huge floating point arithmetic performance of course. There are
many software fields where it seems to obtain other favors though the HD
Movie edit etc. are the barrel one. Cell will be skillful most in the
application in the field a so-called "RMS", that is, "Recognition
(recognition)", "Mining (Mining)", and "Synthesis (synthesis)". Even if it
is not so, the level of plug-in of the photo retouch is large the effect.
Moreover, there is a possibility that the application that SCEI doesn't
assume comes out fast, too, if software arises spontaneously, and the
ecosystem expands.

By the way," Because OS is application" and Kutaragi talk in Cell because
Cell has the virtual machine support function. This is a function to make
two or more virtual CPU on CPU, and for "VMM(Virtual Machine Manager)" to be
able to make OS different on each virtual CPU the first to support with

It is VMM software of the type that is called "Hyper visor" in general that
runs for Cell at a deepest privileged level of CPU, and comes to be do the
first of OS of a general meaning on that. Haiparbaiza layer (VMM) of this
Cell OS starts first, and it is presumed that it is a mechanism that the
upper layer layer of Linux and Cell OS starts on that though in Cell, there
is original OS that is called Cell OS. Therefore, OS such as Linux is seen
from Haiparbaiza and the one of similar to the application.

This mechanism of Cell is a function similar to "Pacifica (Pacifica)" or
"VT(Virtualization Technology)" of AMD or Intel. Only IBM abundantly has
this function of depending to begin with in the mainframe IBM etc. in that
sense in the technology that has introduced it. poor translation, but you
get the idea.

"As for PLAYSTATION 3, although they are that much specifications, the
local HDD has not been recorded with default. Why being?"

< Ken Kutaragi> "The HDD does not place with default. When you say,
why, however much placing, it is not enough, because. Next already not to be
wrong network drive. (Storage) being a Cell server, it can access from
anywhere via network. At in your own house and, being wherever, logical,
(the same network drive) are visible at the house of the friend. Such

"With saying, there are times which are not attached to either the
substance and taking the HDD say. Therefore, this time, the 80GB or the
120GB enters to be able to insert 2.5 inch HDD. It is not enough at all
however, with, because it is necessary to send the OS as a single unit. With
network drive, this way (the server with respect to network) the tera- byte
(storage) being attached, calling calling and from the ?, when taking the
certification of the computer as a single unit, the drive which the OS runs
becomes necessary."


More next-gen console speculation. Latest rumour making the rounds is
that an in-built harddrive for the PS3 is not a given, after Sony's chief
technology officer Masayuki Chatani made unfavorable remarks over a HDD's
inclusion in the initial launch package expected in spring 2006.

Chatana is reported to have told Famitsu that nothing had been
finalized on this front and that gamers, as far as he was concerned expected
the option of upgrading the storage capacity of the Playstation 3 HDD.


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