Newby C# Web App Question - Z-INDEX Style


Fred Nelson


I'm working on a VS2005 web application and I have what is probabably a
"newby" question.

In VS2003 I could drag a textbox/button/etc on to a form and position it
with the mouse. I converted an app to VS2005 and this still worked.

In VS2005 I can't do this. I have examined the code for VS2003 and I
see that there is a style="Z-INDEX... " in the asp code for the
objects. If I add this to VS2005 then I can position everything as I
could in VS2003. By default the code is not there and I can't find a
property to set to put it there. It only works if I enter the code

I remember some mention of this at the Microsoft Launch event - I think
that there was some page property that had to be set to make this
possible. I've looked all over (perhaps not enough) and I can't find

Does anyone now if there is a page property that can be set to make the
Z-INDEX format be the default for controls?

Your help is GREATLY appreciated!




The Z-INDEX is not about X-Y (Horizontal-Vertical) positioning. Z-Index
identifies which item is foremost on the screen when multiple objects are
positioned at the same x-y position.

VS2003 had a property for the Document called pageLayout. If you set it to
GridLayout then the designer would, by default, set the style of all objects
put on the page to include position=absolute, and set the left and top styles

You can do basically the same thing in Visual Studio 2005 but you have to
enable it. You can find out how at



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