Newbie - Referential Integrity problems



I have created a database with some raw customer data given to me.
The tables consist of:
tblCustomers - primary key of ordergroup_id 65,040 records
tblOrders - primary key of ordergroup_id 65,378 records
tblOrdelines - foreign key order id 153,577 records

I have removed nulls and deduped tblCustomers.
I have created a one to many relationship between tblOrders and
tblOrderlines that uses referential integrity and this works fine.
When I try and create a join between tblCustomers and tblOrders, I can
create the link between ordergroup_id however I cannot
enforce referential integrity. I am assuming this is because I have 338
more records in one table.
I don't know how to go about comparing the two tables to discover the orphan
Can anyone offer some advice please?
Many thanks

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