Newbie: ASP.NET (C#) Help Desk Solutions. Suggestions?




I've been assigned a new project - to develop a HELP DESK solution using
ASP.NET (C#) which includes:
- incidents management (tracking tickets)
- forums & chat capabilities
- webmail
- user management (admin, managers, users, etc...)

I've been searching the web and have found endless proprietary products.
Although I have a "limited" budget (not to say "zero" budget) I'm all for
spending a few 100US$ on a solution that would get me up and running... with
some (if not all) of the funtionalities mentioned above.

The problem is that i cannot find any FREE or proprietary HELP DESK
solutions that include source code. Can any one suggest a solution that
incudes some (if not all) of the features i've listed above.

Lastly, I have downloaded and found specific features like "ASP.NET Forums
v2". Although this works fine as a solution to the forums requirement, i'd
rather follow an integrated "help desk" approach...



I am putting together a resource to help managers sort through all of the
software products out there. There are so many to choose from, it really
depends on what you need. There are some software packages that are free.
You can find links to my posts here:

Hope this helps,

Linda Marie

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