New Video Card



I just installed a ATI Sapphire 4830 DDR3 Video card.My motherboard has on
board video,ATI 4200??

I booted up was still using on board video.I uninstalled ATI drivers and
software.The screen blinked and changed to 88x600,looked like safe mode.It
said to restart.I booted up and no video.I tried onboard and new card.I know
it is booting into windows.I can hear the music .
I tried getting into bios,will not go to bios.Now the screen probably is
asking do I want to restart windows or Bla Bla Bla.

What can I do to get some video back .I do not care if it is onboard Just
before I deleted drivers I looked in Device manager
and did not see the new card.Probably because of drivers not installed??It
should of shown The PCI-2 slot.No??

I am running Vista Home Premium 64 Bit
Asus MoBO
Phemnom11 Quad Core 3.2 GHz
8 Gigs of DDR3 memory
Plextor DVD/CD/RW
Blue Ray DVD
750 watt Power Supply
2 Western Digital Black Caviar Hard Drives 750 gigs

I really appreciate any assistance.
If I clear Cmos,maybe I could get into bios but would that help???

Thanks in Advance

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