New version of Excel "kidnapping" the default function from the ol



I have an older version of Excel I have been using. Bought a new laptop and
installed it. When I got a new version of Excel spreadsheet in an email, the
trial version of the new software that was loaded by Toshiba popped up and
took over as default Excel version. I can still use the old version through
direct loading, but everytime I click on the file in the email or windows
explorer a new version takes over )with mandatory warning about the expiry of
the trial period. How do I get the old Excel to be default again?



Gord Dibben

You don't say what the older and newer versions are so adjust the 2002 and
2007 to suit.

Since 2007 has decided it wants to be the default, de-register 2007 and
re-register 2002

Close Excel first and On the Windows Taskbar

Start>Run "C:\yourpathto2007\excel.exe" /unregserver

See the space between exe and /unregserver.

Then register 2002

Start>Run "C:\yourpathto2002\excel.exe" /regserver

This process should make Excel 2002 the default for opening files.

You may not have to unregister 2007 first but I err on the side of

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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