New updates for WinVista & "Longhorn" Server -> Beta 2



Update for Windows Vista Beta 2 and Windows Codename Longhorn Server Beta 2
Install this update to address a compatibility issue with the operating
system and AVG Antivirus program.

Update for Windows Vista Beta 2 and Windows Codename Longhorn Server Beta 2
Install this update to enhance reliability in the Windows Modules Installer


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Have your tried re-booting Bernie? I've installed AVG free but when I later
started my system I had an error message saying the AVG kernel couldn't be

Pity, as I like AVG



So I just rebooted. I got the same error message. I waited for
everything to settle down and then thought I'd just try starting it
manually. It worked. I checked for an update and there was an update for
definitions. I started a scan and was informed that I had manually
stopped a previous scan and did I want to continue.. I said sure but it
seemed to complete without actually doing any scanning. So I told it to
re-scan and it happily complied. So there are a couple of issues but I'd
still rather use AVG than the Trend thing.

Does anyone know of a way of setting the order of loading for startup
programs? It could be that AVG needs something else to fire up before it
can run.


Hello Bernie :)

Sorry to find out it wasn't just me with this problem and it would get to be
a pain to keep manualy starting AVG. I tried stopping AVG from loading at
start-up by using the System Configuration Tool and adding it to the Startup
folder but I still got the same error.

You can try Avast. It's what I'm currently using and it's compatible with
both 32 and 64bit versions of Vista.



I haven't yet tried this but it looks promising.... there is a new task
scheduler that looks a lot more sophisticated than the last one. If it
works then you can set a program to start 15 minutes after system startup.

I need to first figure out which of the 9 executables in the AVG program
folder need to be started. Only three of them are showing up in task
manager right now so probably one or more of those would do it.


Well I did set it up for task scheduler to run but didn't need it. The
problem seemed to be that I still had the Trend Micro thing installed
and that was set to fire up with the system. Once uninstalled AVG
started up fine.

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