New release of FTP 2007 issue with Media Player

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Debbie Giuliano


I just installed the new released version of 2007 and now windows media
player 10 gives an error message when I try to play any file C00D11CD. This
worked on the previous beta of 2007.

Any suggestions?


Andy Allred [MS]

It appears that error code is very generic and doesn't really help
isolate the problem. Can you windiff this runtime against one that you
saw working to identify any differences? Perhaps there is a missing
component in this new runtime compared to the other runtimes that will
give you a pointer to where the problem is.

Please let us know what you find between the working and the non-working

Debbie Giuliano

Hello Andy,

It is the same slx file all I did was upgrade the configuration so I doubt
it is a component that is missing. I will try to run the windiff tool but I
have an image to get out so I have a back up of my database that I am
copying over to fix this issue.



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