New PC is not shown in Network neighborhood


Steve Hughins

Running a Win 2000 Server in a Workgroup mode.

There Win 2000 Pro's and XP Pro's runinng on this network.

I just added a new Win XP Pro to the network, the fifth node of a five
license server.

I can ping the manually conf. add. and ping the computer name with the
proper results.

On the new XP Pro machine, I can 'see' the server and open the files, as
well as 'see' the other computers and open their files.

When I go to view the computers on the new XP Pro machine, I can 'see' all
the computers , plus the server, but, I cannot 'see' itself.

This new XP Pro SP3 machine is not visible anywhere on the network.

But as I had mention, any other computer can ping both the name and address
to this new machine with successful results.

Thank you for your assistance,

Steven M Hughins

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