new page problem



whenever i click a link that is meant to open a new IE
window my current IE window disappears. so if i ever want
to go back to the page i started from i am forced to open
up another new IE window (which makes the other one
disappear) and go through my history to get back to it.

heres an example of my situation. i go to i click on a video i want to watch. the
link is supposed to just open up a the new page in a new
window but when it opens the new window my previous one
closes automatically. so if i decide that i dont want to
watch the video i have to close the new window, open
another window, go back to ebaumsworld. this renders my
brower's "back" button useless.

help would be greatly appreciated,


Check if you have an ad blocker or popup blocker running in the background.
Temporarily turn them off. Also turn off any firewall. It may be thinking
the second window is a popup and closes it.

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