New Keyboards Can't Control Volume



Situation: Had MS Natural Keyboard Pro PS2 with the media keys working just
fine. Problem... it's a white keyboard and all my stuff is now black or
silver. Okay, get a new keyboard, MS Wireless Natural Keyboard.
Uninstalled and reinstalled old/new software. ONly problem, the new
keyboard can't control volume up/down. It can mute/unmute and all other
special keys work.

Does anybody know where the link is that ties those keys in to the main
volume control in the registery. Here's something interesting: If I plug
the old PS2 keyboard in, no drivers, XP recoginizes and all media keys work
fine on it including volume. If I keep both keyboards installed
simultaneously they both work fine and control everything EXCEPT the new
one can't raise/lower the volume, just mute.

Any ideas?

Andrew Murray

make sure you're using the INtelliType software for your specific keyboard -
would be on the CD or from Microsoft's web site.

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